Social Responsibility of Dhaka University Alumni Association

commemoration the DUAA objectives one of which says,” to carry out CSR activities and to undertake, support and carry out welfare and development activities of Dhaka University and DUAA”, It has been taking up various programs. We arranged about 700 scholarships every year covering all 56 departments and 16 institutes through collecting donations from individuals, alumni and organizations from home and abroad. Besides, DUAA takes up various projects, publishes books and souvenirs, and organizes seminars, programs and job counselling.“Dhaka University is my pride; it is time now to re-pay our debts” (Dhaka Bishwabidyalaya amar ahangker; Ekhoni samoy dai mochaner) — is the current motto of DUAA.

DUAA now ventures to engage in social work in collaboration with other socio-economic organizations. It collects funds from various banks and financial institutions, business enterprises, generous individuals and the like to arrange scholarships, computer training to students and children of staff members of the university, organize various socio-cultural programs, seminars, job counseling etc. DUAA, in the mean time, distributed 200 bi-cycles for the students in a bid to encourage cycling aimed at maintaining a pollution free society and helping physical fitness in collaboration with Green Belt Trust, a student based NGO. Such program will continue. Another organization named ‘Ethics Club’ in collaboration with DUAA organize seminars aimed at developing the minds of the students and other people in order to build a society free of corruption. In the mean time we chalked out a bi-annual program of seminars from July to December 2011 in various faculties and departments. In collaboration with Green Belt Trust, Fire Service & Civil Defence and Development Initiative DUAA formed a Disaster Management Force (DMF) with 500 volunteers selected from 10 Halls of students of Dhaka University who will be trained by Fire Service & Civil Defence in a two year program funded by Development Initiative. In the mean time, DMF was launched through a ceremony on 26 May 2011 with 50 volunteers recruited from two halls trained for a short period who took part in a demonstration on disaster rescue operation led by Fire Service and Civil Defence. Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University was the Chief Guest and DG of Fire Service & Civil Defence, the special guest.

Development of research activities of the University has been taken up to be implemented in near future along with the improvement of the Library. In the mean time a project was taken up to erect a number of sophisticated and decorative entry gates of the University. The first one is being processed sponsored by the NCC Bank at Shahbag point. Gradually other will be designed and erected.